The library is intended primarily for formators, priests, and seminarians of the San Carlos Pastoral Formation Complex (SCPFC): San Carlos Seminary, San Carlos Graduate School of Theology, Holy Apostles Senior Seminary, and Lorenzo Mission Institute.

In pursuit of its objectives to provide the community that it serves with a venue and facilities conducive to productive research and study, the use of the library is restricted only to the above-mentioned members of SCPFC.

As a rule, visitors and outsiders are not allowed to enter and use the facilities of the library, except in rare and special instances. In such cases, approval for their access to the library will be based on their submission of the following requirements:

  1. A letter of endorsement addressed to the library director from a priest in good standing, stating the purpose and nature of the research and intent to observe and abide by the rules and regulations of the library.

  2. A letter of recommendation from his/her school principal or college dean or head of mandated church organization to which he/she belongs.

  3. Catechists (including students currently enrolled at ICAM) and those taking their MA in Pastoral Ministry at the Graduate School may also of avail of library facilities upon presentation of their ID’s. They are not, however, allowed to borrow books. Ex-seminarians may also conduct their research at the library but only upon the approval of  the Library Director.

  4. Professionals who may want to avail of library facilities may also conduct their research upon presentation of a letter of recommendation coming from a priest in good standing in the Archdiocese of Manila and the  approval of the Library Director.

  5. Payment of a library fee in the amount of P 40.00 per person.

The library director has the option, prerogative, and discretion to allow or refuse the request of a lay visitor to use the library.





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